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Sunday, November 28, 2010


in my house, not with any Christmas decorations yet, that will happen on the 1st but I have been drooling over some gorgeous cards and embellies that the Shabby Girls have created and sent to me for our Christmas card rak.

Here are the two raks on offer that I will post out to two lucky shabby players.

Pack 1
7 cards with envelopes and a surprise bundle of goodies.

Pack 2
6 cards with envelops and a surprise bundle of goodies.

I have still got a few parcels from some of the girls to arrive so there will be a few extra surprise cards in the packs.

Now just what do you need to do to be in the running for one of these packs???

-Become a follower if you aren't already one
-Post a comment on this post with your guesses as to which one of shabby girls created the individual cards within the packs.  (so who did what card???)

To help you in this pop on over to the shabby girls blogs where they will post (as soon as they can) these two photos along with a clue as to which card or cards are theirs.

I'll leave the guessing open till midnight Sunday 5th December and will put my portable random number generator (Asher) to work on Monday to pick out the lucky winners from the comments.

Have fun guessing!

Don't forget to check out our Christmas challenge and Tallulah Belles our sponsor this month.


Pascale b. said...

Hi, may be Ruth for this pack...
Bye bye from France...

Jodi Dolbel said...

I think Mandy made these cards......
But who ever did, they are devine!! How special to win something like that! I dont think they would be being sent to just anyone either!!!
Merry Christmas Shbby Girls!

Unknown said...

Hello, I think Mandy made the card with the deers fly-ing over the tree

Evgenia Levitskaya said...

Green and creamy cards with JOY(1st picture) and NOEL(2nd picture) made by Julie. Deers by Mandy. Merry Christmas with feather on the 1st picture and with a paper tree on the 2nd by Yumiko. Card with TEG by Olga.Pictures are too small to understand where Vibeke used the sewing machine but I guess that small simple cards Merry Christmas with snowflakes and ribbons are hers.Maybe 2 one with Santa and lamp on the 2nd picture are by Corrine

Deb said...

OK Here goes....Mandy-(deers in both pks), Julie-(gr/cream in both pksJOY&NOEL)Gayle- (White one with red flower &fern like leaves pk 1 & lamp one in pk2) Yumiko-(one with white feather in pk 1), Vibeke-(one with blue bouquet tied with lace pk1 & red one laying down in front of pk 2), Corinne-(sml green Merry Xmas & also larger one with tag in pk 1 and sml white merry christmas one in pk 2)

Deb said...

eeeekkkkk...forgot the one with the red feather in pk 2 (Yumiko)

Detenish said...

Pack 1 : 1 с пером -Yumiko , 2 - з тегом Ольга , 3 Joy- Julie , 4 с красным цветком и листочками Gayle , 5 merry xmas - Corrine , 6 с голубыми цветами и картинкой Vibeke , 7 с оленями Mandy .
Pack 2 : 1 с оленями Mandy , 2 с красным цветком и Сантой - Gayle , 3 с Сантой Vibeke , 4 Noel- Julie , 5 c надписью Merry Christmas-Corrine , 6 с бумажной елкой - Yumiko

Nicky said...

Too bad, I'm not that good in these things! Wishing good luck to all others!!!!!

Marianne/skorpionen said...

I'm not good at guessing like this, but I believe the card with the white ribbon and tuquise flowers , in pack one - no 2 from the right in the bottom of the picture.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, I think Olga made the card with the red tags... Merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

Gorgeous cards and loved checking out your blogs.
I think Mandys cards are the reindeers up and over in oack 1 and 2.
Julie i think yours are Joy and and cream Pack 1 and 2.
Yumiko i think yours is in pack 1 with the white feather.
Corinne eeek i am not sure hmm love to perform
3 letters,sorry.
Vibeke hard to make out the stitching so could it be pack 2 santas?
Gayle hmmm red flowers could your cards be card with the red flower in pack 1 and also pretty card at the front of pack2 with the red flower.
Even if i am wrong i had a ball tonight visiting you all and thanks for some much needed inspiration!

Asil said...

Hmm.. Gayle might be the creator of the cards with red flowers on, on pic 2?
Vibeke - maybe the one in the bottom on pic1, with green flowers in a white bow? Or the santa-card on pic2 with that red curley thingy? :)
Sasya: the Noel-card on pic2 and Joy from pic1?
Olga's card is the green one with tag, from pic1.
No, I have no idea, I'm clueless! :D
But thank you so much for the inpiration - lovely work, girls!!

Chrissy said...

Mandy the reindeers
Julie the Joy and Noel card
Yumiko white feather?
Not sure about the others...sorry

I am following your blog

Christiane Courtin-Mangez said...

I try, I hope, I want to receive a beautiful christmas card ????? :

Pack 1

The first
- Yumiko white feather
- Under : Mandy
- First green cardWith a red tag : Ruth
- Green card with creme : Julie
- With a red flower : Vibeke
- Knote white ribbon : Chimène

Pack 2
- Reindeers of the father noêl gilded tag : Mabaco
- Lamppost and tag : Ruth
- - Santa Claus on the large card : Olga
- - Green card : Noel : Lene
- - Merry Christmas : Sasya
- Last big red card : Gayle

Hugs from France