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Saturday, January 23, 2010



Valentine's Day

around the corner we couldn't not do a Valentine's Challenge!

And just what we would like you to do ??

Well it's all about those heart-string tugging letters, child notes, vintage war loves
lost and won etc etc....these are just examples!!

Whatever you chose, your creation must contain a letter/s or note/s that you've
written or been written by you or others living or passed.

Put your

Shabby Valentine style

into a wonderful creation!!

Here is what the Shabby Girls and our Guest have put together to inspire you all.

Now these projects are so full of detail we couldn't possibly share them with you all here so make sure you pop into the girls blogs to check them out.








Guest designer and sponsor



Ruby street. Kris put together a prize for one lucky player.

Two Ruby Street Vintage Embellishment Kits.

Now I have had quite a few of Kris's kits before and I can vouch for them. Choc a bloc full of scrummy vintage goodies.

Make sure you check out Kris's blog and her store too.



Have fun with your

Shabby Valentine Creations.




We would like to welcome back



I have always been a bowerbird. When I was little I would always come home from my grandmothers house with a stash of buttons and ribbons. I can still vividly remember sorting through the button box for the sparkly ones and not much has changed in 30 years. I love to decorate whether it be a handmade card, my home or a cake. I love using vintage ephemera and haberdashery in my papercrafting projects and old photographs fascinate me. I love a good story, old fashioned frocks, roadtripping and glitter, lots and lots of glitter.


Kris has put together a most stunning prize for 'Lets Get Shabby'!

Click to visit Kris' blog and store.

and view some of Kris's stunning work and style here


Kris is planning on updating the store on the 25th with some goodies and lovelies and if you would like to grab some you had better be quick as they sell pretty fast.

We'll be back on the 25th (Sydney Time) to reveal all!!



Friday, January 22, 2010


Here is our


with our


Now we can have that music playing and really loudly please as we announce our


Yumiko -
But don't stop it just yet as we need to announce our talented







Deb .





Sue .



.Eyovine -
- -
My goodness girls you have given us a hard job as you usually do. The creations are all totally gorgeous, all 41!-
- -

Stay tuned for in the next couple of days we will be announcing our next Shabby guest and sponsor. I am sure you will love what we have in store for you as I know I do.

Shabby update

To say that we are having a few issues with the site loading very slowly. It has something to do with our visitor's counter in our side bar which is something we really don't want to lose. I have tried moving it to the bottom but it hasn't helped much. The site will load, but it just takes a little longer.

And I bet you were all thinking I had come into post the Winner for our SUMMER INSPIRATION challenge.
Winners and Honourable Mentions will be up soon!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Time's running out!!
We'd LOVE to see your summer creation!
You have until midnight 20th Sydney Australia time
Just check our clock!
Here's the link to Challenge #7
Waiting ....waiting ..for the last super creations!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Do you all remember this layout?

It was Chimene's first shabby challenge sample. Its easy to fall in love with the way she distressed her photo and thought it would be a good idea to share with us the tips used on distressing.

Here are a few words from Chimene:
It's very simple. I use sand paper, the same as what my husband uses on furniture and brown distress ink. I always print my photos at home as at a photo studio they use a photo paper with a coating on it and then it's harder to work with the sanding paper and if using an old vintage photo I will always scan and reprint a copy rather than use the original. On some pictures I used it a little and on some pictures I use it a lot to camouflage the background. Depending on the photo and the effect I want to achieve I will sand in both vertical and horizontal directions. I then dab distress ink over some areas of the sanding and the edges of my photos.

Here are a few samples of Chimene's awesome distressing.

Here she has used a lot of sanding on her background as well as inking parts of the sanded area too.
This has a little bit of distressing.

and on this one, the edges have been distressed

Thanks for sharing with us your shabby tip Chimene!
Make sure you pop on over to check out her blog and her totally awesome shabby creations.

For those of you that are new to the Let's get shabby blog a side bar link list has been for all the past shabby girls tips and tutorials so that they can be easily found.

Don't forget you have four more days to get your creations in for CHALLENGE #7 ,
then all of us shabby girls will have another hard job on our hands choosing the winner and HM's.
The projects that have been coming in are just stunning.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


To reveal just who will get to play with all these goodies.

All of them!

And just how many of the were there.

Well let me see.

The lucky girl that was only 2 guesses away is.

Malwina said...

I guess 170
January 8, 2010 3:08 AM

There were 172 embellies of all sorts in that little bundle.

Can you send through your details via the addy in the left side bar and we'll get them posted.

Congrats to all our rak winners this week.

I hope you all have had fun playing along.

I know that all the shabby girls email boxes have been overflowing with all your guesses.

Don't forget that our current Summer Themed Inspiration Challenge is still running

And if you pop into the Shabby blog in the next couple of days there may just be a fabulous Shabby tip or two!!


Saturday, January 9, 2010




And as promised, here is another photo of the goodies.

Keep those guesses coming!

That same lucky person is still two off the right amount!

Have fun!!

The winner will be announced tomorrow night 9pm Aust time



Friday, January 8, 2010

JULIE'S EMBELLIE RAK...second guess time...

Its time for your 2nd guesses!!!
I dont think anyone has picked the right number yet....
Though someone is close!!
Ready to put your 2nd guess comments here under this post!!!


After the fun you girls had with the last few raks, we thought that a third one was called for as they do say that good things happen in threes!

Now for this rak (after Mandy's length conversion issues in working out the lace rak winner lol), no way I was following in her footsteps!! So I have put together a bowl of bits and bobs.

In and around this bowl is a mixture of embellies, buttons, brads, charms, metal frames, clips, pins, some bling, die cuts and tags.

. Start counting!!!

Have fun guessing girls, I know I had fun counting them -NOT! lol

Three times I had to do it as I had my little Missy keep interrupting me.

You have until SUNDAY NIGHT!! Same drill - one guess per day!! (three in all!!)

THe winner will be the first correct guess!

.And you have to be a follower!!


Thursday, January 7, 2010


ARRRRGH!!! (my head!!!)

I explained in a previous post how NOT maths I am!!!

I cant believe the math lesson I've just put myself though!! LOL!!

ANd because Julie wasnt available to run through her math brain, I had to call in my dh!!

The exact amount wasnt guessed....

And to make things VERY difficult, one guess was just under in inches and the other just over in cms!!

So which was closer???

ARGH again LOL!!!

The winner wins by 0.1 inch!!!!! point one of an inch!!!! (converted of course)

Can you imagine this non-math brain working this out!

But because I had to go through such a process- you all have to read what I had to doooooo!!!
(Yes you doooooooooooo!!! heh heh)


The exact amount was 195inches and I was just going to round it off to 495cms (495.3cms)
(I was sooooooo sure that someone would guess either!!! Easy right!!)
Then I was converting feet and yards!! But that was okay...I managed that with an internet converter.

We had the two guesses being

193 inches and 500cms (aaaaaaaah yes you know who you are.... yes you doooooo!!!!!!) teehee

I had to dooooooooo the right thing and get the conversion exact

195inches - 495.3cms to be fair!

If I didnt then the 193 inches would win - and being exact means that 5oocms wins!!

One was under by 2inches and one was over by 1.9inches!!

Yes I had to do this with my dh!!!!
(He couldnt believe the mess I'd gotten into with it LOL!!)


THE WINNER IS........................

CASSANDRA!!! (500cms - over by 1.9inches)

and because I'd feeeeeel toooooooo awful that
POLLIE (193inches - under by 2inches)
missed out by 0.1 of an inch...

I'm sending her off a little Lace RAK just because!!!
Cassandra and Pollie - can you send me your details to the email addy in the left side bar thanks

Thanks so much everyone joining in the fun!!!!!
And being such good sports.......
AND Julie will be back later
fab game!!!!
And thanks for hearing me ramble!!! LOL!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

LACE RAK 3rd and final GUESSES!!

Here's another peeky at the this is a hint in itself!

No-one has guessed the correct length and that same person who was close last time....still is!!


3rd guesses can go up!
Again, dont worry if you've been in early and left your 3rd guesses in the last post...we'll see them!!

And dont forget we'd love to see you play along with our Challenge#7 too
by interpreting this gorgeous pic with a Summer feel!!
Check here for the DT gorgeous examples!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Ooooookay ladies...some second guessings are coming in!! But no-one has guessed it yet though one is close-ish!
Here is another peek away from my ruffled underlay which I think 'may' have been added into the mix by some of you because there were some very long lengths being offered forward!!
Its turning out to be a HUGE maths exercise for me (who is sooo NOT maths!! teehee *insert* shocked look here!!) trying to keep up with the yards feet inches centimetres and metres!!! LOL!!!

Definitely you are very 'COLD' if you've guessed a larger number than 400 inches/1000cm or at the polar end you are very 'COLD' if you have guessed under 50inches/130cms!
I'll narrow it down again on the 3rd guesses tomorrow!!!(maybe its a number in the middle...or maybe just one end needs narrowing down........(teasing a little here!!!)
Please put the number of your guess in your post....should be 2nd guesses coming in!!
Oh.......and we have a third and final RAK game coming up after this one closes on Thurs!!! More fun to be had soooo stick around!
(its okay if you've been in earlier and its in the last post....we'll still see them!!

Monday, January 4, 2010


I (Mandy)love my ribbons/trims and laces!!
Soooo here is a collection of my faves!
Sooooo what do you have to do??
GUESS the LENGTH of all the laces, trims and ribbons as if they were joined together end to end.
Your guesses can be in either cms or inches (I have both!!!)
And the only hint is.....
its much longer than you think!!
I was surprised!!!
AND of course you NEED to be a FOLLOWER!
Yes it includes the 7inch wide Swiss lace!!
(but not my ruffled underlay LOL!!!)
the rest can be yours!!
The first correct or closest guess by Thurs night at 9pm will be the proud owner!!

You may guess more than once for this one....but only one guess per day!!!

Yeeeees, I'll be checking! teehee!!

I might pop in a note in the comment section as to whether you are close or not by saying 'cold, warm or hot' - but probably not on the first day!!!

(Nothing like a bit of strung out fun!!!)

We want to start our year off with heaps of smiles!

Congrats to our winner of the Flower Rak just won

Dont forget to enter and have a go at Challenge #7

There's a fab prize there too!!

And you never know what else we might have up our Shabby sleeve!!



Thanks ever so much for playing along with the game girls.
We've put up the winner already and so soon because weeeeeeeell, what a response!!!!
We had no idea so many guesses would come in soooo soon and so many!
Sooooo without the big wait to see who.....
We have had the correct guess come through this morning.

Divine Design said...

Thanks for this amazing RAK! My guess is 79!

Divine can you please email your snail mail addie so that I can sort out getting your parcel on it's way to you.

Once again thanks for playing along girls.
Another guess RAK will be going up this afternoon!!
Sooooo stay tuned and keep following!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

IT'S TIME FOR..........

Another Shabby rak
Here is what you will all be playing for......
A gorgeous collection of scrappy goodies donated by my fellow Shabby sister Toni. Thanks a bunch Toni!
I am sure that who ever wins this pile of goodies is bound to have fun with them if I don't cave into temptation and raid them first!!
Now I'm guessing you all want to know just what you have to do to be in the running for this rak.
Most of you that know me, know that I love guessing games.
So that is what you are going to have to do:
*Guess how many flowers are in the photo
*Make sure you are a Follower of our blog
One guess is allowed from each person
Along with the bundle of goodies
the winner will also get a layout scrapped for them by me (Julie)
using some of the goodies from Toni's stash.
Happy guessing everyone!!