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Thursday, July 8, 2010



Are you ready for some blog hopping fun???

Most of the Shabby girls, along with Michelle (our fabulous Sponsor Purple Onion) and Sharon (our fabulous guestie) this month have put together a rak each on their blogs that you could be lucky enough to win by random draw.


There's TWO RAKs here to be won here on LGS as well!!

That means there will be quite a few raks up for grabs.

Now just what do you need to do to be in the running for them??

Here are the details:

Over the weekend, the girls will be popping up a question relating to either the Shabby blog or one of the team members, along with a photo of their rak.

Post a comment on their blog to be in the running for that rak and then find the answer to their question (don't post the answer there!!) because you will need to gather all the answers from each blog (NINE all up) and email them to Julie in one email by midnight TUES 13 July(Aust time-so check the clock at the top of our LGS blog if you are not sure)

Here on Shabby you can win one of two raks below!
(Donated by Ant thanks heaps!!)

Post a comment for one and the second will go to a random correct answer email sent to Julie

Oh and make sure you are a follower!!

Its all in good fun!

And lots of chances to win a RAK!

Here is your Shabby blog question.

Name one of three sponsors that have sponsored us twice.

Now pop into the other blogs for the rest of your questions.
(If a blog doesnt have a question up yet...keep checking back as it could be due to time zones)

Hope you have fun blog hopping!!!


Dont forget to join in for this month's

Challenge 13

because we want to see


And if you need to add to your stamp collection pop on over and check out what Michelle has in store over at Purple Onion.


Mel said...

I am so happy I found this blog hop, I love them and now I am a follower to your great blog. Wow what a design team you have, love love the shabby rak. Melxx

Peggy said...

haha ladies, I'm so enjoying the blog hop (that bunny with the birthday hat is way toooo cute btw!!!). Just had to let you know, I had a few giggles on Yumiko's blog ... did you ever try to leave a comment there (of course you have!!!), well, I just guessed at what we were supposed to fill out, and once that was finished, I had no idea which button to press, the left one or the right one ... it's all in Japanese!!!!! So much fun (you see, I'm easily pleased LOL).
Just thought I'd share the fun with you, but reading it back myself, I guess you had to be there to really enjoy it hihi!
xxx Peggy

mandysea said...

LOL Peggy!!!
Thats exactly what we dooooo on Yumiko's blog....
just figure it out, feel your way and press a button til it works!!!
ANd funnily enough......eventually IT does!!!

Deb said...

Well I'm having fun hopping around the world - just a couple more to go and then back to one to push some more buttons to see if I can work it out lol.....good fun....Happy Birthday LGS.

Unknown said...

Cool....i start ...two...three...NOW!

Chloe said...

Happy birthday Let's Get Shabby!!! Thanks for organising the hop! It has been lots of fun!!!

Peg said...

Hopping into the fun here too :-)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! What a great prize! I'm off to start playing.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting the hop too :). Love that RAK btw - gorgeous!

Happy birthday!

Hugs, Willea

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the Blog Hop.. Never been in one before so it will be interesting!! And Yumiko's Blog was easier to understand once it was translated! But still a bitdaunting!!!

Marg said...

This was wonderful to do...Loved it...luv marg xxx

Peggy said...

Well, this was my first time participating in a blog hop, and I loved it! Thanks ladies. Just sent my mail to Julie :-)))
xxx Peggy

Julia Sáddi said...

Yes, I would love to win this beautiful prizes! :D xox Julia Sáddi

Lindy said...

This is my first blog hop and so glad I found your it. Awesome prizes. Thanks!

debra said...

Hmmm...this looks like fun!! I have some answers, but not all...see how i go. Thanks so much for a fun first too. Beautiful prizes to boot!!

Anonymous said...

I think I have all the questions - now off to find all the answers! Happy birthday to all the Shabby girls, love your work.

DeniseB said...

That was a lot of fun! I am still searching for some of the answers though.... There are some tough ones!

Ceci said...

Looks like fun and great prizes too...Happy Birthday LGS! :) xx

paperpapier said...

fun blog hop. i am a newbie here, and love the challenge at this blog..shabby..something i am very much struggling.
thank for the chance to win the blog hop goodies.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I just love the little rabbit!
Thanks fot the blog hop.

mandysea said...

Thanks to everyone who participated!!
The blog hop is now closed.

Maggie Armstrong said...

Missed out on the hop this time! Been away for school holidays. Never mind - will watch out for the next one! Looks like fun!

Kathy said...

love blog hops they are a great idea to find different blogs. Love thoes ribbons and lace

Alice Thomas said...
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