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Friday, April 30, 2010

Mini-Tutorial HOW TO MAKE YO-YOs

It's sooo easy to fall in love with Yo-yo flowers!!

They are very easy to make and I just zip them together without much fuss or measuring.

LOL - I've been adding them to EVERYTHING at the moment! Firstly I bought a few - but then wanted them in specific colours or sizes - and thats hard when I'd want them on the spur of moment in a frenzy of creativity (soooo sure you know what I mean!!!) I had plenty of bits of fabric and soon enough - I had little plastic packets full of them stashed away for my whims!!

Here's a compact little tute for you to follow:

STEP ONE Cut out a cardboard circle twice as big as you would like your yo yo’s to be.
Place on fabric, draw around the outside of the cardboard circle and cut out.

Press over the edge of the fabric with an iron about ¼ inch in, then tack around with needle and thread keeping fairly close to the ironed crease.

Pull the thread tightly and start gathering the outer edges in

Pull thread very tight until the yo yo has formed.

You can tie off thread and leave plain OR you can add a button!

And finally....
See how differently this looks with a green background!!

Hope you have fun with this one!!!

And its great to use up all those bits and pieces of fabric stashed away!


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Gloria Stengel said...

First, love the blog header! And wow on those yo-yo-flowers! I may have to try to sew one...but keep paramedics on stand-by when I use a needle! hee hee

Jocelyn said...

That you for that wonderful tutorial!!!! Love these and want to start making them right away!!!

Majo said...

Oh darn, I wish I could sew :( Beautiful buttons!

CraftCrave said...
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Julie said...

Wow Missy Mandy these look great and so easy. Thanks for sharing.

Chimene said...

I love these flowers!!
Gorgous and it looks so easy to make, I will try to make them!!
Thanks Mandy!!

Ruth Philps said...

Mandy your Yo yo flowers have even inspired my 70 year old mum to e-mail me and aask why are they called yo yo flowers she plans on making some to put on a bag like mine!!

Jenneke said...

LOVE your flowers, Mandy!!
Thanks for this tutorial, think I'm going to try and make some of them!!


mandysea said...

Thanks girls......

aaaaaaaaah Ruth! I have an answer (I LOVE history!)
Originally called Suffolk Puffs. (I’m guessing this is why your mum wanted to know why they are called yo-yos) The name “Suffolk Puff” indicates the origin of the object; Suffolk England. They look quite like the ‘hats’ that peasants or labourers would wear in the area for which was mostly agriculture. They were used mainly joined together as patchwork from old worn out clothes and fabric scrapes…a way to not waste anything. All pieces were sewn together to make quilts and Suffolk Puffs became its signature patchwork for a period of time.

Unknown said...

Fabulous! so easy and no need for a sewing machine!! thank you tons for sharing Mandy!