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Thursday, January 7, 2010


ARRRRGH!!! (my head!!!)

I explained in a previous post how NOT maths I am!!!

I cant believe the math lesson I've just put myself though!! LOL!!

ANd because Julie wasnt available to run through her math brain, I had to call in my dh!!

The exact amount wasnt guessed....

And to make things VERY difficult, one guess was just under in inches and the other just over in cms!!

So which was closer???

ARGH again LOL!!!

The winner wins by 0.1 inch!!!!! point one of an inch!!!! (converted of course)

Can you imagine this non-math brain working this out!

But because I had to go through such a process- you all have to read what I had to doooooo!!!
(Yes you doooooooooooo!!! heh heh)


The exact amount was 195inches and I was just going to round it off to 495cms (495.3cms)
(I was sooooooo sure that someone would guess either!!! Easy right!!)
Then I was converting feet and yards!! But that was okay...I managed that with an internet converter.

We had the two guesses being

193 inches and 500cms (aaaaaaaah yes you know who you are.... yes you doooooo!!!!!!) teehee

I had to dooooooooo the right thing and get the conversion exact

195inches - 495.3cms to be fair!

If I didnt then the 193 inches would win - and being exact means that 5oocms wins!!

One was under by 2inches and one was over by 1.9inches!!

Yes I had to do this with my dh!!!!
(He couldnt believe the mess I'd gotten into with it LOL!!)


THE WINNER IS........................

CASSANDRA!!! (500cms - over by 1.9inches)

and because I'd feeeeeel toooooooo awful that
POLLIE (193inches - under by 2inches)
missed out by 0.1 of an inch...

I'm sending her off a little Lace RAK just because!!!
Cassandra and Pollie - can you send me your details to the email addy in the left side bar thanks

Thanks so much everyone joining in the fun!!!!!
And being such good sports.......
AND Julie will be back later
fab game!!!!
And thanks for hearing me ramble!!! LOL!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

CONGRATS to Cassandra and Pollie! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Phillipa, said...

Thanks Mandy for the fun and chance to win the RAK! Congrats to Cassandra and Pollie.

Tracy said...

Thanks Mandy for organising this and Woohooo congratulations Cassandra and Pollie enjoy!!!!

Jane, at Thepaperaffair said...

Oh my, was I way off, almost blushing here. Great win here and what a kind RAK, LOL Thanks for the chance.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

hahhaaahaa thats so funny :D
Congrats to the winners :D
Julie xx

all the days of our life said...

Congratulations, what a math lesson.

Kathy said...


Unknown said...

have lots of lacefun girls!!!!

Elaine. said...

Wow, Math 101! Enjoy the lace, what a nice RAK.
Thanks for the fun times. hope your headache
is gone.

Carmen said...

So funny!! You guys are so sweet to give both girls a prize. This is a lot of fun!! Congratulations to the winners! =D

Deb said...

Congratulations girls! WOw! Mandy what an exercise. Congratulations to you too....A+ for Maths lol

Jenneke said...

Congrats Cassandra and Pollie!!

Give your brains some rest, Mandy :-)

cassandra2491 said...

Oh wow, this is the first thing that I have won, thank you, thank you. (Mouth is still open wide). I can be reached through my blog or email

Jane said...
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Jane said...

Oh no!!!! I guessed 193 inches, I was so close!!! boohoo, Congrats to the winners! hugs, Jane xx

mandysea said...

Jane, I just went through the three posts because for a moment somehow with the maths dithering, I though I may have missed you....
but you guessed 190 inches... almost there!!

Jane said...

So sorry Mandy, that is what I meant to put, that I was so close to the 193 inches that won, I'm so sorry to have put you to extra trouble, looks like I have typing dithering! I deleted my first comment as I put it wrong first time too. So terribly sorry, hugs, Jane xx

mandysea said...

tis totally fine!! good luck with the next guessing rak!!

Kirsti said...

wow, that was confusing!!! LOL Congrats to the winners!

pollie said...

Congrats Cassandra....and thanks Mandy for offering was great fun and I love your blog!

cassandra2491 said...

Congrats to Pollie and also to everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun, however very confusing and it's not easy trying to guess how many and all the different measurements to convert (poor Mandy) - I don't understand inches, feet, etc. so I was just taking a stab in the dark. Can't wait for the postie and I'll see everyone with the next RAK.

Thanks again everyone:)