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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The shabby chic style has certainly been well and truly embraced!
The creations entered are such a testament to how much we needed a shabby challenge blog!!
We are soooooo glad! Thank you for supporting our first challenge and inspiring us!

Choosing a Winner
It’s a majority vote and there’s been a lot of to-ing and fro-ing from one creation to the next – there’s too much talent!! Agonising over creations has been in full swing!!

Along with our overall Winner, there are five ‘Honourable Mentions’ chosen by each DT member. A sixth favourite will also be chosen by a visiting Guest Designer (when we have one). While it won’t win any prizes, it will be uploaded onto Shabby with a link back to each personal blog.


Congratulations Loriete, we loved your fan creation - beautiful!

Your wonderful PRIZE is

US$50 worth of STAMPS!!!!!WE THANK MICHELLE AT 'purple onion designs'

for her generous sponsorship!!!





Wonderful creations!

Click on any of the girls names to check out their blogs

and read what inspired them too!

Truly, there were so many wonderful creations.



This was a little comp where our LET’S GET SHABBY banner

was placed on blogs with a link back to ‘Shabby’

And the winner is………….


Can both WINNERS please send your full name and address details to


In a day or two we will be announcing our



who is also SPONSORING

our winner's prize!!!

Until then.......we have the most WONDERFUL challenge coming up!!!

We are soooooo excited!



Jenneke said...

Congrats Loriete!!!!!! I ADORE your layout!!!
And congrats to the other girls too!! It was so hard to pick a winner, the layouts were all so great!!
And Daniela, congrats with winning the rak!!
And Mandy is right, we have the most wonderful challenge coming up!!

Anonymous said...

I think I checked out ever took me ages!! I was blown away by the work in each page..just beautiful!! ANNNNNNNDDD thankyou so much for my honourable mention..what an awesome honour! I'm feeling pretty spesh although I must say I think choosing a winner would have been a very difficult task for you all. Thankyou so much!!

Julie said...

Congrats Loriete your page is just devine. Congrats too the honourable mentions. The work entered into our first challenge was outstanding and picking the winner and HM's was a tough job. Enjoy your rak Daniela.

Chimene said...

Congratulations Loriete!!! I LOVE your page!!!!!!!
And congrats to the honourable mentions! So much talented girls here!!!
Daniƫlla have fun with your rak!!!!

Thanks to everyone who had played along with us here at Shabby!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Loriete! Stunning layout!! And so many beautiful creations everyone made - wow!

Unknown said...

Congrats to Loriete and all the honourable mentions. I have loved checking out what everyone created from this challenge, and can't wait to see the next one!!

Romy said...

Congratulations, Loriete! Very well deserved: Your work is beautiful! And even congrats to Daniella. I wish you lots of fun with your price. And I'm very much looking forward to the second challenge:)

Eva said...

Congratulations to the winner and the honorable mentions....AMAZING work, everyone!!!

CorinneD. said...

congratulations to Loriete and to the mentions!
and even congrats to Daniella....
I expect the second challenge with impatience!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Loriete!Your layout is awesome!
And Daniella congrats too...Loved all the layouts and yes a much needed blog this Shabby one ;)Can't hardly wait for the next challenge!

Unknown said...

Wow!! It must be my lucky week ;-)
The winning LO is truly great, and so were the others i've seen so far! I am really looking forward to the new challenge and see all of your great shabby works.
Mandy; i am gonna email you for my adress. Can't wait to make something with this beautiful Swiss lace!!!
Be Blessed!

Timcso said...

Thank you!Thank you!:)))))))

Congratulations Loriete!! Your page is beautiful!! and Congrats too the honourable mentions and to Daniella!:)


Deb said...

Congratulations Loriete....your layout is soooo beautiful and congratulations to the HM's - great work. Bring on challenge 2 - I can't wait.

loriete said...

Oh, Gosh! I still cannot believe it! It is an honor and pride to be a winner here at Shaby!

Thank you girls for all the nice words! Thank you DT for your tough work of creating such an interesting and the same challenging blog! And thank you all who participate in challenges and create SUCH AMAZING works!

And of course, congratulations to honourable mentions - your pages are simply STUNNING! And to Daniella! Enjoy your RAK!

And now, I look forward to a new challenge ;-)

Hugs to all of you from Loriete.

sam said...

All my congratulations to Loriete for its magnificent creation !!!!
I liked participating in this 1st adventure, and I wait for the next challenge with a lot of impatience !
Bye .... Sam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirsty said...

Oh wow, I am truly blown away! I am loving visiting all the other entrants many talented ladies out there! I have added so many more blogs to me 'favourites' list through visiting links from here! The DT must have had a TOUGH job!!! Can't wait to see the next challenge!

Marg said...

A huge congratulations to Loriete for her stunning entry!!!! Big congratulations to all the other talented ladies as well......This site is just so inspiring I love it....

mandysea said...

Thanks so much for all your lovely words about our blog and the DT work. It truly is A JOY here! I am so blown away by everyone who have visited each and every blog listed and those that took time to leave comments!!! Who hasnt added blogs to their favourites throughout this experience!!!!! LOL!
Congrats to Loriete and the HM's and to each and every creation submitted because they all were truly incredible. And Daniella, I'll get your goodies in the post tomorrow!
Keep your eyes on the blog on the next few days....(very big smile)

Rhonda said...

Congratulations Loriete... Congratulations to the HM's they are all stunning!
Daniella Congrats on the RAK!!
I am so looking forward to the next challenge!
I am sure it will be no easy task for picking the next winner either!!

Scrappinraiderfan said...

Wow thanks for making me an honorable mention! I am sure you ladies had a heck of a time with your decisions.
Congrats to Loriete your fan is amazing!
Congrats to Danielle, enjoy that great RAK.
Looking forward to the next challenge.

Anonymous said...

Your creations are amazing!!! I can't wait to play along next time!!

Maria said...

Gongrats Loriete!! Your creation is absolutely beautiful.
DT team thanks for your work.
Looking forward to the next challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maria K.

Unknown said...

Loriete....GREAT WORK girl i love it.Have fun with your price an Danielle also.Have lots of fun every one with the next one.
bye bye,Lean