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Times have changed and many of us have found our styles have too.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


How are those gorgeous last moment Shabby creations going??
We want to see those LOVELY white/cream creations with just a hint of one colour!!
Who's had a fabulous time running around fab blogs seeing fab work!!
Oooh at the last count of the hour glass - check the clock at the top of the left hand side!!!
20th -12 midnight Sydney Aust time
or your 19th international girls!


Bec said...

I have had such a fun time looking at all the creations the girls have worked so hard on!
They are all sooo gorgeous and very clever. The amount of talent out there is amazing and beautiful!!

It's been an honour to be the Guest DT this month and I have really enjoyed creating for the blog.
Thank you so much.

mandysea said...

Bec!! Its been an absolute pleasure having you!!! You are such a talented shabby scrapper!!!

Julie said...

A big thanks from me Bec your work is stunningly shabby. I has been great having you on board this month.