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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Introducing Shabby Chic Mandy

What a wonderfully successful start 'Lets Get Shabby' has encountered!
Thank-you all so much!
LGS started after a push and a shove from Julie - 'Mandy just do it'!!
So we put our heads together, the idea was born - and here we are!
Our search for Scrapping Artists who will present a range of Shabby Chic styles was just as important and now we have a wonderful team who are amazing inspiration!
Between now and towards the 25th June
we will be introducing the Shabby Chic Girls one at a time!
Soooooooooo with that said..........................
I'm Mandy, live on the small island Tasmania, off South-Eastern Australia
with my ever-patient husband
in a beautiful old house by the sea
and have three gorgeous daughters, Meaghan, Hannah and Paige.

My love for scrapbooking started about ten years ago and I almost cringe at my early attempts!! I've always been drawn to flea markets, antiques and well loved furniture right through to tiny collectables. I have been a ballet dancer since I can remember and it was a natural progression that the decoration on tutus would walk across the tulle onto my layouts! I love layering and fabric, paint and more layering with lace.
I want to be able to feel the textures and see shadows they cast.

And dont forget to keep checking back to see who is next! (grin)


Jenneke said...

Mandy, thank you so much for your GREAT idea of starting this blog!! And Julie, thanks for the push and the shove, because you can see that we, scrappers, needed a blog like this!!!
Look at all the responses! And allready 52 followers!!
Counting the days to start..

Deb said...

Mandy, as usual your LO's are gorgeous. I'm so looking forward to following this blog and being inspired by you, Julie and your very talented team. Thanks, Julie for "pushing and shoving" lol

Julie said...

Hey Mandy hope that push and shove didn't hurt too

mandysea said...

No not really Julie lol.....just in the right direction!

Thank-you girls!

Jocelyn said... Layouts always inspire me and these are just so Beautiful. I loved reading about you and your life!!!! What a wonderful Blog this is!!!!

Chimene said...

Hi Mandy,

I'm so happy you starded this Shabby challenge blog and so thankful I'm in the team:)

Your art work is beautiful, just the way I love it!!!!


Nikki Love said...

gorgeous work!!!

hilde janbroers said...

I love your word!!!! amazing girl!

ann said...

Love your work you have your own unique touch

Gigi said...

wow! all of these layouts are so lovely!!
amazing job!!! such great inspiration...thank you!!!

Louise said...

Brilliant Mandy just Brilliant WTG!!!!!!

Lou :)x

cherylb said...

I look at your work and it almost brings me to tears it is soooooooooooo beautiful, you are an inspiration and I thank Julie for giving you that final push, can't wait for more.

Kristii said...

Mandy I sooooo love your work!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!

Bec said...

Beautiful work!!
I can't wait to see more!!

LEA said...

well you know i love your creations mandy and have really enjoyed seeing your scrapping evolve over at ST you keep amazing me with your gorgeous and unique work. best of luck with this new little venture:)

Lean said...

Wauw great peace of art.

Danielle said...

These are amazing!

famille.deretz said...

so beautiful creations!!!
I'm fan of your scrap!!!